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Explore the unique collection of Arabian, French and Indian perfumes below. Each fragrance will serve as a memorable gift for you or your loved ones.

Sultan Perfume

₹ 350.00

Good long lasting attar specially for men. Excellent blend of rich notes.

Oud Ambri Perfume

₹ 700.00

Provides little hints of oud in the budget range

Oud Sensation Perfume

₹ 650.00

Very good product for customers who are just beginning their journey in the world of oud. It gives a slight feel of Oud but obviously it is not natural Oud considering the price. Nevertheless it is a very good product for casual use.

Oud Shaghaf Perfume

₹ 650.00

Sweet scent with little hints of Oud, Rose and Chocolate

Musk Sapphire Perfume

₹ 650.00

A wonderful blend of white musk and Lavender. Very good perfume for those who like musk.

Turkish Oud Perfume

₹ 650.00

Small hints of Oud with fresh aquatic vibe