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All Attars

Explore the unique collection of Arabian, French and Indian attars below. Each fragrance will serve as a memorable gift for you or your loved ones.

Oud Hindi

₹ 1,250.00

One of our best selling Oud products. This is 100% pure Oud. Try it once to appreciate the quality and effort put behind this product.


₹ 75.00

Sabaya is a Floral fragrance for women


₹ 250.00

Zaffran is a pure bliss for saffron lovers. You will experience hints of Kashmiri Zaffran in this attar

Gul Hina

₹ 200.00

Attar extracted from the pure flowers of Hina. This attar is mostly used in winters.


₹ 250.00

Shamama is an herbal attar made using a blend of many different herbs, woods, spices or essential oils. This attar provides warmth to the body and used mostly in winters.

Musk Al Tahara

₹ 150.00

This attar is based on white musk. It is thick, creamy and whitish in color. It offers amazing longevity. This attar is suitable for both men and women and one of our top selling products.