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Arabian Attars

When it comes to fragrance, every note tells a story. Fill your home with our luxurious scent of Arabian attars and perfumes. Our wide range of collection will  surely enthrall your heart. We encourage you to definitely purchase one of our Oud based attars which will surely be a loving memory throughout your life.

Oud Shaghaf

₹ 150.00

Sweet scent with little hints of Oud, Rose and Chocolate

Musk Sapphire

₹ 150.00

A wonderful blend of white musk and Lavender. Very good perfume for those who like musk.

Turkish Oud

₹ 150.00

Small hints of Oud with fresh aquatic vibe

Oud Al Haram

₹ 150.00

Very good attractive sweet fragrance suitable for both men & women. This is one of our top selling fragrance in the budget range.

Royal Oud

₹ 200.00

Blend of Oud, Aquatic and Citrus and is suitable for both men and women

Honey Oud

₹ 150.00

One of our top selling blends. Just but this once from us. We can guarantee you will be addicted to this perfume. This has a very sweet sexy smell / seductive smell. Perfume is suitable to be worn by both men and women.