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Arabian Attars

When it comes to fragrance, every note tells a story. Fill your home with our luxurious scent of Arabian attars and perfumes. Our wide range of collection will  surely enthrall your heart. We encourage you to definitely purchase one of our Oud based attars which will surely be a loving memory throughout your life.

Dehn Al Oud Nokhba

₹ 350.00

Dehn Al Oud Nokhba is a Amber fragrance for women and men. Top notes are Agarwood (Oud) and Spicy Notes; middle notes are Big Strawberry, spun sugar and Woody Notes; base notes are Agarwood (Oud) and Musk

Dehn Al Oud

₹ 350.00

Dehn Al Oud is a Amber woody fragrance for men and women.

Oud Hindi

₹ 1,250.00

One of our best selling Oud products. This is 100% pure Oud. Try it once to appreciate the quality and effort put behind this product.


₹ 75.00

Sabaya is a Floral fragrance for women

Musk Al Tahara

₹ 150.00

This attar is based on white musk. It is thick, creamy and whitish in color. It offers amazing longevity. This attar is suitable for both men and women and one of our top selling products.

Jannat Ul Baqui

₹ 100.00

Floral Aldehyde fragrance for women and men. Top notes are Aldehydes, Lemon and Spicy Notes; middle notes are Saffron, Bourbon Geranium, Rose, Ylang-Ylang and Violet; base notes are Sandalwood, Papyrus, White Musk, Patchouli Leaf and Tonka Bean.